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RICS Home Buyer Survey Report London, Surrey, Hampshire and West Yorkshire

Searching for a new home in London or Surrey? Our RICS Surveyors are your impartial property advisors.

It’s not enough to set aside cash to purchase and redecorate a property. You also need to budget for repairs and maintenance.

And some repairs might be more expensive and urgent than you think.

As a team of experienced but innovative, forward-thinking and friendly RICS chartered surveyors, we can help you spend your money wisely by making informed decisions.

Above all, we value honesty, integrity and value. We’re the impartial advisors you need to guide you through the purchasing process.

So, how do you find out what’s wrong with a property – and how to put things right? By hiring experts that take great pride in their work. That’s where we come in useful.

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1Type of Survey:

What is a Level 2 Property Survey?

At Novello we focus on offering detailed Building Surveys for all types and ages of property and therefore this is not what we would recommend. Even the most modern properties can have hidden defects and therefore it is crucial to have a detailed survey. At Novello, we focus on providing the most detailed service possible and therefore do not compromise on the quality of reports we provide. We utilise years of training and in-the-field experience to inspect each element of your home, from the roof to the basement. Then, we compile our findings into a detailed report that we call the Novello Plus Building Survey.

Learn more about our Building Surveys vs HomeBuyer reports.

Using our detailed surveys, you can:

  • Assess the overall condition of a property
  • Find out about any repair or maintenance issues
  • Receive impartial advice to guide you through the purchasing process
  • Work with a friendly and modern team of experts who remain your trusted partners – indefinitely

We take a fresh approach to surveying homes. We conduct surveys in compliance with the most stringent standards set out by RICS, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

However, we go above and beyond what’s required because the partnerships we build with our clients are what matter to us the most.

That, and helping you invest wisely.

On top of our knowledge, we use the latest technologies and tools to identify problems lurking behind every corner of your home. We also maintain open communications with you throughout every step of the process.

Property Surveys – the traffic light system

What use is a building survey report if you can’t make any sense of it?

We make sure our reports are genuinely actionable, for you, your developer and any other third party involved.

To do this, we use the traffic light system to produce timely and easy-to-understand reports.

Serious/Urgent Repairs

Serious defects noted that require urgent repair, replacement, overhaul or further investigations or tests by an appropriate contractor, specialist or engineer.


Less serious defects that are not considered to be as urgent, but nevertheless will require attention, repair, overhaul or replacement in due course.

Ok/General maintenance

Elements where no major repairs are considered to be required currently.

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Need a more detailed report before committing to decades of mortgage payments? Find out about our valuations and comprehensive building surveys.

Property Surveys – the benefits

Our detailed surveys will help you to:

  • Determine the true value of a property
  • Make sure your home is habitable and safe
  • Get an ‘ace in the hole’ for negotiations
  • Find out what maintenance and repair work needs to be done

You might even find your dream property isn’t worth the investment at all.

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Our survey reports give you all the facts– and they could save you thousands. For honest, impartial and accurate advice from a trusted and innovative team of responsive experts, call Novello Chartered Surveyors.