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About Us

Novello Chartered Surveyors was established to challenge the traditional role of surveyors in the house buying process. Having previously worked for a variety of mortgage valuers and independent surveying firms, we understand that nothing frustrates clients more than an un-responsive, slow surveyor who issues a low quality report with little follow up advice and care.

By avoiding ‘volume’ work, we focus on guiding you through your property related matters. Utilising technology allows us to capture data on site quickly and accurately, ensuring we provide you with a high-quality report in a timely manner

We take a friendly and responsive approach, viewing ourselves as your property partners in the whole process rather than just giving snapshot advice.

picture of James Brook, MRICS

James Brook, MRICS

RICS Young Surveyor of the Year- Residential Property
James Brook is an award-winning Chartered Surveyor and RICS Registered Valuer with a focus on the survey and valuation of residential properties across London and Surrey. His interests and expertise involve undertaking building surveys on a variety of property types from both high-end prime houses to studio flat conversions. James has developed a reputation across the industry with both solicitors, estate agents and clients for his excellent property knowledge, but most of all his friendly, frank expert advice.

picture of Jack Pye, MRICS

Jack Pye, MRICS

Jack Pye is a Chartered Surveyor and Registered Valuer specialising in surveys, valuations and party wall matters. Jack is our go-to expert for any lease extension or collective enfranchisement valuations. As well as this, he provides valuation advice for a range of matters. Jack takes a meticulous approach, offering detailed Building Survey and HomeBuyer reports.

picture of Paul Wareham

Paul Wareham

Paul has a wealth of experience in the Surveying and Financial Services sectors, having previously been an executive board director at Countrywide plc responsible for Surveying, Conveyancing and Asset Management. He is now assisting and advising on Novello's growth strategy by developing the Novello identity and through developing relationships with lenders and the wider Financial Services community.

picture of Caroline Kelly, AssocRICS

Caroline Kelly, AssocRICS

Caroline Kelly is a RICS registered valuer and surveyor with years of experience acting for mortgage lenders undertaking valuations and surveys. Caroline originally came from an agency background heading up offices across North London, before transitioning to surveying and valuation. Caroline has a thorough knowledge of the North and East London property market. She is also our go-to expert on cladding and high-rise flats.

picture of Ben Toogood, AssocRICS

Ben Toogood, AssocRICS

Ben Toogood is a RICS registered valuer and surveyor with a wealth of experience across private practises. Ben undertakes surveys and valuations across South London and Surrey. Ben has a particular interest in lease extension valuations. Ben is the friendly expert you need for anyone looking to buy a property or extend their lease in London.

picture of Lewis Emms, MRICS

Lewis Emms, MRICS

Lewis Emms is a Chartered Surveyor and RICS registered valuer covering London, Surrey and Hampshire undertaking surveys, valuations, lease extensions and Party Wall matters. He specialises in residential valuations and is experienced in loan security, tax and leasehold reform. He also undertakes expert witness work.

picture of Abby Nutting

Abby Nutting

Abby Nutting is our client care manager and has worked for Novello since the company first started. Abby deals with all areas of customer service and administration, from sending out your quotes to getting your survey or valuations booked in. She can also help you decide which service you require.

picture of Liberty Hart

Liberty Hart

Liberty Hart is our specialist in party wall matters and an associate member of the faculty of party wall surveyors. Liberty is also working towards her AssocRICS and studying with SAVA to complete her Level 6 Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuations and would be delighted to assist you with any questions you have.

picture of Dean Merryman, AssocRICS

Dean Merryman, AssocRICS

Dean Merryman is a RICS registered valuer and surveyor with an abundance of experience in valuations including taxation, mortgage, Leasehold Reform and building reinstatement. He has a passion for residential properties which is evident in his reports and advice. Dean undertakes surveys and valuations covering the London and Surrey areas. Dean is always happy to answer any questions and queries you may have.

picture of Lily Churchill

Lily Churchill

Lily Churchill is our assistant surveyor currently working towards her AssocRICS and studying with SAVA to complete her Level 6 Diploma in Residential Surveying and Valuations. Lily has a love for property and a drive to learn more. Lily is currently building on her knowledge working on the administration side of surveying assisting with customer service, desktop research, valuations and report editing.

picture of John Brook, AssocRICS

John Brook, AssocRICS

John Brook is our roofing and new build specialist surveyor. John has extensive building pathology knowledge from years in construction giving him an excellent insight into building issues and their remedies. His passion is undertaking roofing defect surveys using his expertise to identify complex roofing matters and he takes pleasure in helping distressed clients find a solution. John also undertakes new build snagging lists and building surveyors across both Yorkshire and the South-East.

picture of Simon Hubbard, AssocRICS

Simon Hubbard, AssocRICS

Simon Hubbard is a RICS registered valuer and surveyor with a comprehensive background in valuations across London, Surrey and Hampshire. His experience gives him expert knowledge to assist you with any of your valuation needs.

picture of Kate Beckenham

Kate Beckenham

Kate Beckenham is Novello’s PA and client care manager. She helps manage the surveyors’ diaries and is there to help guide you through the survey process from quotation to receiving the report. She can talk you through our survey options and is a friendly ear if you have any questions.

Our Team and Values

We are approachable, friendly and responsive- guiding you through your property related problems and issues. You deal with us directly and we believe communication between us, yourselves and your advisors is paramount.

We are adaptive and innovative- using technology and training to ensure we offer the most informative, timely and accurate service.

We focus on quality and value above all- we are not a ‘volume firm’. We believe in focusing our time on your requirements to ensure we give you quality and accuracy. Our job is to guide and advise you through the process, not just provide snapshot advice.

We are experts in our field and act with professionalism and integrity. You entrust us to guide and protect you with what may be your most expensive purchase ever and we take great pride and care with that.