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The most comprehensive Building Survey available on the market

The Most Comprehensive Building Survey in London, the Home Counties and Yorkshire

Buying a home is a big and exciting step, but it can also be incredibly stressful. There are a lot of things to consider, like whether the property is right for you, if the area meets your needs, and if the house is a good investment. In fast-moving markets, like London, the South-East, and Yorkshire, it can be especially challenging to make quick decisions.

That's where Novello comes in. Our goal is to give you the information you need to feel confident in your purchase. We'll provide you with an accurate picture of the state of your property and act as your trusted advisor. With our expertise, we'll share our insight on how to handle any problems, when to avoid poor investments, and when to renegotiate a lower asking price.

We put honesty, reliability and value at the core of everything we do, and our Private Client Surveying Service is no exception. Benefit from our years of experience, our RICS qualified surveyors' vast property knowledge and our most comprehensive survey report with a Novello Building Survey.

We offer a choice of either our full advisory Private Client Surveying Service or a standalone Building Survey.

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Private Client Surveying Service

  • check iconGuiding you through the whole property buying process as your personal advisers
  • check iconWe liaise with your solicitor beforehand to discuss any crucial matters with them
  • check iconThe Building Survey inspection includes a detaile roof inspection with high level cameras or the option for a drone survey
  • check iconFloor area measurements, building insurance cost assessment and an optional reflective market valuation add-on
  • check iconFollow on advice; helping obtain quotations/further investigations and then advise on a negotation strategy if appropriate

What is a RICS Building Survey?

A RICS Level 3 Building Survey, also known as a Full Structural Survey, is the most in-depth and comprehensive report available and provides a detailed picture of the property's construction and condition.

During a RICS Building Survey, a RICS qualified surveyor will carry out a thorough inspection of the property and deliver a detailed report based on that inspection. By opting for a RICS Building Survey, you can be sure you're receiving an impartial assessment of the property and that your surveyor will adhere to industry best practice standards.

Whilst we offer a standlone Building Survey, this also forms part of our Private Client Surveying Service, which is about more than just the survey report. We provide the wrap-around care and advice as your strategic personal surveyor. You will be allocated a surveyor and an assistant surveyor who will work with you directly throughout the whole process. Each surveyor only works with 3-4 clients a week, ensuring they can allocate you the time and care required.

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What Does A Building Survey Cover?

A Novello+ Building Survey inspects a minimum of 20 internal and external elements of a property, including:

  • As much of the property as is physically accessible, including cellars, lofts, under carpets and behind furniture, windows, doors and external walls
  • Insulation, condensation and dampness
  • Outside areas and outbuildings
  • Roof spaces and flat roofs where safe
  • Visible parts of the available services, such as electricity, gas, water, heating and drainage
  • Energy efficiency and environmental issues

A comprehensive Building Survey will highlight both significant issues and wear and tear defects, any areas of poor condition and explain the implications of these faults. It will examine structural integrity, property build and construction materials in detail and highlight any repairs that have already been made or works that have been carried out. We'll even use specialist drone and pole Cams to access those more challenging to reach areas and include flood maps, broadband speeds, asbestos, and energy efficiency advice. Potential legal concerns will also be flagged.

For any issues that are discovered, the Novello+ Building Survey report will include photos of the defects and explain repair options and costs. The report will also share future maintenance issues and highlight any specific or costly issues you may need to know about.

If you have any specific concerns about a property, you can also discuss them with your surveyor to ensure thoroughly investigate them for added peace of mind.

If you're still unsure whether a bespoke Building Survey is worth the expense, our experience has shown us that most properties have hidden defects, often costing thousands to repair. We're confident our services can help save you money and help you plan your purchase better.

When Do You Need a Building Survey?

A Building Survey is the most comprehensive type of home survey available. It's the best option for homebuyers who want to enter into the purchase fully informed. A RICS Building Survey from Novello is the best way to get a complete understanding of the state of your property and make sure you're not wasting thousands of pounds on a house that isn't worth the money.This is especially important if you're buying an older house, one that has undergone major renovations, is in disrepair, or has an unusual design. It's also essential if you're planning on doing major work to the property.

What Does A Building Survey Report Look Like?

Building Surveys are known for producing extensive reports with a lot of information. To make it easier for you to understand and take action, Novello+ has designed a simple and user-friendly report.

We use a traffic light system to clearly highlight any issues with your property. Severe or urgent repairs are marked in red, less serious defects are amber, and elements that require ongoing maintenance are highlighted in green. Along with photos that show any areas of concern, this makes it easy for you to see exactly what's going on and how bad any issues are.

You can download an example Novello Building Survey Report here.

HomeLevel Report vs Building Survey

When buying a property, deciding on the proper survey for you is an essential part of the house buying process. While a Novello+ Building Survey will be the best option for the most buyers, other types of surveys are available. Novello also offers the HomeLevel Report, a level 2 survey equivalent to the RICS HomeBuyer Report.

The HomeLevel Report is a less thorough survey, making it an option for modern properties that appear to be in a reasonable condition. Like a Building Survey, the HomeLevel Report involves a visual inspection of accessible areas and properties condition to identify aspects that require repairs or further investigation. The report follows the same easy to understand traffic light layout. As with the Building Survey, it will be accompanied by a Solicitor's Summary Report that will be sent to your legal advisers.

However, the HomeLevel Report will not be as comprehensive as the Novello+ Building Survey and won't utilise technology to access those more tricky to reach areas. It also won't look into key factors such as flood maps, broadband speeds and asbestos, including photographs of defects or repair advice.

Remember, even the best-looking properties can hide serious defects, so if in doubt, a full Building Survey can be the sensible choice and can save you serious time and money. Of course, we're always here to discuss your needs and help you to decide on the best way to proceed.

When Will you Receive the Report?

After the surveyor has inspected your property, they will create the report and send it to you via email within a few days. Novello doesn't stop there. We're always here to help you understand the report and answer any questions you may have.

We'll be available to discuss the report with you and provide advice on the next steps until you feel confident in your decision. This may include suggesting avoiding certain properties, negotiating a lower asking price, or simply letting you know how much it will cost to fix any problems.

Whatever the report uncovers, we guarantee to use our in-depth knowledge of the property market and our years of experience to guide you through the process and help you find the perfect property.

How Long Does A Level 3 Building Survey Take?

How long the survey takes to be carried out will depend on the size of the house and its condition, but expect anything from four or five hours to a full day for a Building Survey.

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You can also obtain a free quote or book an instant consultation now. We encourage you to compare quotes with other providers so you can be confident you're choosing one of the best value building surveyors in the area.

At Novello, we pride ourselves on being honest, transparent, responsive and always working with your best interests at heart. Let us examine your potential home, and we'll let you know what action to take.

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