How We’re Revolutionising the Property Industry for Solicitors

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In the past, communication between solicitors and surveyors could be a little slow. Solicitors might have to wait for reports to be compiled and finalised using pen and paper. And liaising with multiple third parties on behalf of one client can be challenging, not to mention frustrating.

Some solicitors like to stick to the traditional methods. After all, they have decades of experience under their belt. But the latest technologies can help solicitors improve their offering in countless ways. By partnering with us, you can make communication stress-free, ensure timing is never an issue, and virtually eliminate the risk of missing or incorrect information.

At Novello Chartered Surveyors, we’ve updated our surveys and suite of services for solicitors, all of which can make your life more straightforward than ever before while improving your services.

What’s new for solicitors: at a glance

We’ve created a bespoke range of reports that are fully compliant with the latest RICS regulations. They just go into more detail while making things clearer for you and your clients. Best of all, they can be compiled on the move using a custom tablet app, minimising errors while maximising efficiency. Our reports tick all the boxes and more, and we can send them to you in just a few days.

Solicitor Summary Reports

We’ve worked with dozens of London’s conveyancers and solicitors over the years, always aiming to improve communications, create friendly and professional partnerships, and speed up repetitive tasks wherever possible. The result is our Solicitor Summary Report, which puts all the information you need in one place. We can include a Solicitor Summary Report with any of our new surveys, which are detailed below.

HomeLevel Reports

The HomeLevel Report contains everything you’d find in a RICS HomeBuyer Report plus additional features and an intuitive rating system that boost its relevancy in today’s property market. Even though HomeLevel is more detailed and clearer than HomeBuyer, it can be delivered within just a few days – all for no extra cost.

Novello+ Building Survey

The Novello+ Building Survey is more suitable for older homes and properties in poor condition. It contains photos of defects, repair advice and cost estimates, setting a new par for Level 3 Building Surveys.

Our new suite of digitally compiled and delivered survey reports remove the need to wait around for critical documents that might lack information. Partner with us, and we’ll create bespoke survey reports that come with custom Solicitor Summary Reports catering to your unique requirements.

HomeLevel vs. HomeBuyer

Until recently, HomeBuyer was the only Level 2 Survey available to property hunters and investors. Thanks to the updated RICS regulations, Chartered Surveyors can now create their own reports, provided they meet the minimum criteria.

When we developed HomeLevel, we wanted to surpass the minimum requirements and set the bar high for modern Level 2 Survey Reports.  That’s why it’s easier to navigate and more in-depth yet takes just a few days to compile and deliver.

Some extra features of the HomeLevel Report include:

  • Asbestos advice
  • Energy efficiency advice
  • An inspection of at least 20 interior and exterior elements
  • Traffic-light-rated categories with subcategories

HomeLevel is perfectly suited to the needs of today’s buyers, whether they’re investing or relocating. Learn more how HomeLevel can help you improve your services by calling us.

What is a Novello+ Building Survey?

The Novello+ Building Survey is our most detailed report. Using the latest technology to compile information, access challenging areas, and produce and deliver documents, we can provide a highly reliable service that’ll save you more than a headache.

On top of everything you’d find in our HomeLevel Reports, the Novello+ Building Survey provides further information on:

  • Dampness
  • Condensation
  • Timber defects
  • Repair advice
  • Photos of defects

Let us know when you need a RICS survey report for your client, and we’ll have it delivered in in just a few days.

How Solicitor Summary Reports can help you

We developed Solicitor Summary Reports to make sure missing information, slow response times and poor communication never delay you again. When we survey your client’s property, we reach out to gauge your unique requirements, ensuring we don’t miss a detail. Then, we produce a bespoke report that contains all the information you need. This prevents you from having to spend hours combing through multiple documents and chasing third parties.

Our Solicitor Summary Reports include:

  • Introduction – States the date of the inspection, reasons for compiling the survey, and any limitations
  • Overall Summary – Highlights safety risks and urgent defects so that you can act fast for your clients
  • Property Description – A summary of key details about the property, such as age, number of rooms and outdoor areas
  • Legal Matters – Details matters that require further investigation, such as test certificates, building regulation approvals for works, and any guarantees
  • Survey Report – Each of our RICS compliant building surveys comes with a detailed yet concise Solicitor Summary Report.

Our Solicitor Summary Reports help you save time and improve communication. They also give your clients additional reassurance and enable you to modernise your services.

Why partner with a team of RICS Chartered Surveyors?

Solicitors often have to rely on their clients to retrieve documents such as valuations and surveys. Or, they’re required to contact their surveyor on their behalf. Both tasks can prove frustrating and time-consuming, especially when information is incorrect, missing or vague.

By partnering with a team of RICS Chartered Surveyors that takes a forward-thinking approach to surveying, you can:

  • Ensure all reports are accurate
  • Speed up communication
  • Prevent miscommunication and ensure clarity
  • Obtain reports that are tailored to your unique needs with every project
  • Always be kept in the loop
  • Improve your service offering
  • Maximise workplace efficiency
  • Remove the headache from liaising with third parties

Learn more about our new suite of services for solicitors

At Novello, we’ve developed our suite of services to make life more straightforward for you and your clients. With our reports, you can make your business future-proof and ensure nothing gets in the way of your ability to get on.

If you have any queries about our services or reports, don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts. We’ll tell you more about our process, our innovative approach and the benefits of our solutions for solicitors.

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