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Matrimonial and Divorce Settlement Valuations

Matrimonial Valuations: One Headache You Don’t Need to Worry About

Sometimes, married couples separate or divorce and reach agreements on how to divide their assets without help.

Unfortunately, divorces can often be as time-consuming as the are traumatic, especially if nobody can agree on who gets what.

If such a situation applies to you, you’ll undoubtedly want to sort everything out efficiently for the sake of your finances and ability to move forward with your life.

That’s when our matrimonial valuations become invaluable.

At Novello Chartered Surveyors, we don’t just act with compassion on behalf of our clients. We prioritise efficiency, accuracy and value so that we can help you overcome a major obstacle as quickly as possible.

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Matrimonial valuations explained

Divorce settlement valuations are required in situations where divorcees can’t agree on how to distribute their joint assets. As RICS Registered Valuers, our job is to produce reports that help you divide your assets according to legal guidelines.

  • Location
  • Accommodation
  • Description/construction
  • Valuation methodology
  • Details of recently sold comparable properties
  • Market value

Usually, we work as impartial advisors for both parties involved in the divorce proceedings, though we can work for either party individually.

You might need to hire other professionals to create valuation reports for assets such as antiques and works of art. If you’re unsure of how to move forward, call us for advice.

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How matrimonial valuations can help you

We know divorces can be traumatic for families and couples. For that reason, we aim to produce our reports as efficiently as possible so that you can start to rebuild your life. Using one of our accurate and impartial valuations, you can:

  • Avoid court proceedings

    Divorces can be messy ordeals, and disputes are far from uncommon. Minimise the chances of legal disputes arising by obtaining a divorce settlement valuation.

  • Resolve legal issues quickly

    Should you need to go to court or go face to face with lawyers, our valuations can help prevent delays in the proceedings, saving you money in legal fees in the process.

  • Receive what rightfully belongs to you

    Don’t sacrifice your prized possessions until you’ve obtained a matrimonial valuation.

Obtain your accurate matrimonial valuation within days

Working by a strict code of ethics and legal guidelines, we always act as impartial advisors for our clients while prioritising their best interests. If you need a divorce settlement valuation to present in court, we can produce one for you in no time at all.

We believe we simply can’t be beaten on convenience, value and efficiency. If you need expert property advice during such a challenging time or want to learn more about our valuations, we encourage you to have a no-obligation chat with us. With our accurate matrimonial valuations (otherwise known as divorce settlement valuations), you can reach an amicable agreement regarding the dividing of your assets. If necessary, our reports can be used by legal advisors and solicitors during court proceedings.

If you want to learn more about matrimonial valuations and how we can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.