What to Do if You Need a Roof Survey

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There are several reasons why you may have to get a roof survey, from making a claim on your insurance to proving to a landlord or freeholder that the roof requires repair. In addition, more and more people are being asked to get a roof survey by their mortgage companies to confirm it is in a good state of repair before a mortgage is approved.

Whatever the reason, if you think you need a roof survey, it’s always a good idea to make sure it’s carried out quickly – roof problems don’t tend to get better by themselves, so the sooner you take action, the sooner the situation will be rectified – and thoroughly by an experienced and qualified surveyor.

Why would I need a roof survey?

Whatever the property’s style, age, or state, the roof is an integral part of it. Any signs of wear and tear, whether in a property you’re looking to buy or one you’re already living in, can be a cause for concern.

When buying a property, it’s unlikely that a standard survey will include an inspection of the roof. Even a structural survey will not cover inaccessible areas in any great detail, so if you suspect there could be an issue or if you just want added peace of mind, a roof survey can be the solution. In fact, lenders are increasingly requiring a roof survey before they’ll issue a mortgage. A damaged roof, or one in a poor state of repair, can seriously impact the value of a home and could cause further problems for the rest of the building through water damage or even compromising the structure. Lenders increasingly want confirmation that the property is up to scratch before they’ll issue a loan against it and a roof survey can provide this.

Similarly, suppose you’re planning maintenance work on your home. In that case, an impartial roof survey can give you the information you need to proceed with confidence when choosing a contractor to complete the work. If you’re clear on the issues and how much it should cost to repair them, it’ll be much easier to find a reputable company to do the job.

Roof surveys can also be invaluable if you’re looking to claim your insurance for storm damage. Without expert insight, your insurance company may argue that any damage is due to wear and tear or lack of maintenance rather than a sudden event, which would make your claim invalid.

It’s also worth noting that after a major weather event, your insurer is likely to be busy with multiple people suffering similar damage, meaning it could take some time for them to be able to deal with your claim. Investing in your roof survey, rather than waiting for your surveyor to send a loss adjuster, can be a sensible move here, helping to push the claim forward, so you receive the payout you’re entitled to more quickly.

Suppose you’re a leaseholder and your freeholder is failing to keep your roof in a state of good repair. In that case, a thorough examination of your roof could provide the evidence you need to either spur them into action or begin legal action against them.

How to choose a roof surveyor?

If you have been told to get a roof survey, the first thing to do is find a surveying firm that is experienced in offering this specialist service. By doing this, not only will you get access to their expert knowledge, including estimates of how much repairs will cost, but you will also be able to choose a firm that utilises the latest technology to give you the most accurate results quickly. Novello, for example, will use specialist polecams to access hard to reach areas, giving you a comprehensive overview not just of the state of your roof but also its key components such as guttering and chimneys.

For more tips on how to choose a reliable and responsive surveyor, read our blog.

Time is of the essence

As soon as you know you need a roof survey, it’s important to move quickly – and to find a surveyor that will also respond in a timely manner. Unfortunately, many firms can prove difficult to pin down and, even once the survey has been done, you can end up waiting a week or more for the results – not ideal if you have a roof in a precarious state. At Novello, we’ll assess your roof’s condition and provide you with the survey results in just a couple of days so you can proceed with the important job of getting any issues fixed.

Easy to understand results

While it’s important to receive survey results quickly, it’s even more critical that they’re accurate and easy to understand. Technical jargon and long-winded reports can be off-putting and difficult to decipher, leaving you with only a bit more insight than you had to begin with. Look for a roof surveyor who focuses on clarity as well as detail and, crucially, who will be on hand post-survey to share insight, answer queries and provide further advice.

The Novello approach

At Novello, communication, responsiveness and accuracy are key to our offering. Our roof surveys are carried out by RICS qualified independent experts who are experienced in roofing as well as surveying, offering unique insight and knowledge in this specialist field.

Our detailed surveys will provide you with key information, including the roof’s life expectancy, the approximate costs of any repairs or replacement needed. They will clearly explain the overall condition, not just of your roof but all of its key components. This will be delivered to you in electronic format, so you have all the information you need to take your next steps with confidence.

And, as a passionate and dedicated team of surveyors, we’re always happy to answer any follow-up questions or provide further advice as needed.

Finally, if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to take legal action to rectify your roof or claim against a contractor, then we also have RICS chartered surveyors who are able to produce an Expert Witness Report to be used as evidence in court.

To find out more about our roof surveys, contact us or get an Quotation now.

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