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Shared Ownership Property Valuations

If you’re ready to buy more shares of your home’s equity, you need an accurate valuation report. But our reports are more than just a necessity.

They can help you manage your finances and secure fair terms for your increase. In the long run, our impartial equity valuation reports could help you save thousands of pounds.

At Novello Chartered Surveyors, our RICS Registered Valuers are here to provide you with accurate valuations as well as invaluable property advice.

Whether you want to staircase, pay off your help-to-buy loan or take full ownership of your home, we can help you. Call us today, and we’ll get the ball rolling in no time.

Why should I obtain an equity valuation before staircasing?

As you may know, staircasing refers to increasing your share of the equity in your shared-ownership home, which you can do up to three times in increments of at least 10%.

As you increase your ownership, your monthly rent payments should become more affordable.

But how do you know the terms of your agreement are fair?

Rather than risk paying too much for rent despite increasing your equity share, you can obtain a valuation from a RICS registered valuer.

Our valuations remain valid for three months. As well as money, they can help you save a lot of time and effort.

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The advantages of equity valuations explained

When staircasing, obtaining an independent equity valuation from a RICS Valuer is a legal requirement. Fortunately, they’re well worth the investment.

Some Housing Associations require you to use their own approved valuers- so make sure you check first! We can often apply to be approved by them if we are not already.

Using our valuation, you can:

  • Negotiate fair terms

    Every time you increase your equity share, your monthly rent payments should reduce. Worried the terms of your agreement aren’t fair? Call our experts for impartial advice.

  • Manage your finances

    Before committing to purchasing more equity in your home, you should find out how it will affect your monthly budget. Our professionals will provide you with a valuation from which you can calculate your new monthly mortgage payments.

  • Avoid delays

    Property negotiations can take time. Because equity valuations for staircasing remain valid for three months, you need to move quickly. Partner with Novello, and we’ll remain by your side throughout each step of the process. What you need to know about equity

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What you need to know about equity valuations

No matter what you need, we’ll come to you. You’ll always deal with a qualified RICS Chartered Surveyor with us, whether it’s for advice or service information. Our broad spectrum of valuation services include:

  • Equity valuations don’t take home improvements into account (unless you want to sell it)
  • Our valuations do provide you with your home’s current market value
  • If you need a cost-estimate for repairs, you’ll need a property survey or RICS HomeBuyer Report as well as an equity valuation
  • Getting the timing right is crucial – all equity valuations only remain valid for three months

Remember – you can only buy additional shares three times. Is now the right time to increase your ownership? Call us to find out.

Choose Novello for your equity valuation

At Novello, we believe our fresh approach to property services makes us the best-value and most reliable Valuers in London. We use innovative technologies and a modern business model to reduce our overheads and pass the savings onto you. We’re also fully mobile, prompt andprovide exceptional customer service.

If you’d like to learn more about staircasing, equity valuations or the team at Novello, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us via chat, phone or email today to book a consultation.