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Party Wall Agreement Surveyors

Do you want to undertake works to or near your shared party wall? Or are you worried about your neighbours planned works?

The laws set out under the Party wall Act 1996 can be confusing, but you must comply with them when altering or building near the party wall to avoid a disputes and delays that could cost you money.

Fortunately, party wall matters can be dealt with efficiently and made simple with our help.

At Novello Chartered Surveyors, we’re a team of highly experienced surveyors that can work on behalf of the building owner, the adjoining owner or as an agreed surveyor for both neighbours.

Whether you need a RICS-qualified professional to handle the party wall process, or a property expert to guide you through every step of the process, we’re here for you.

Impartial, punctual and professional

We know when it comes to property renovations and disputes, time and money is of the essence.

Who wants legal and financial setbacks when trying to alter their home?

But party wall alterations affect both homeowners and neighbours. Without due care, you could end up in a legal battle or cause damage that could have adverse consequences for more than one property.

No need to worry.

Our impartial RICS Surveyors can handle any party wall matter. And we prioritise transparency, honesty, fairness and punctuality.

We’ll come to any location in London or Surrey. when it works for you. We’ll liaise with all third parties involved and maintain open communications with you utilising the latest mobile technology.

What we offer...

Extensions and alterations can work wonders for your home’s value and image. Or, it could place you in a legal battle or cause extensive damage – both could cost your bank account a few zeros.

At Novello, we can:

  • Prepare service of Notices, Schedules of Conditions and Party Wall Awards
  • Work for you, the adjoining owner, or both parties
  • Provide expert advice
  • Determine a property’s condition prior to alterations

You might need one of our expert Party Wall Surveyors if your converting a loft, extending your home, removing a wall, altering your interior or underpinning your foundations.

Learn more about what our Party Wall Surveyors do, our fees and costs and the paperwork regarding party walls. Or, just give us a ring.

Trust Novello for certainty and value

We’ve been doing what we do for years, and we’ve raced ahead of many old-fashioned surveyors regarding punctuality, accuracy and dependability by embracing the latest mobile technologies, tools and equipment. Find out how we can resolve your party wall matters – whatever they may be – by contacting us today.