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Non-Domicile Property Tax Valuations

Non-Domicile Tax Valuations Made Straightforward

Are you living abroad but still own property in London or the Home Counties? Would you like to sell or lease your home to generate revenue or a lump sum of cash?

Before you sell your property, you’ll need an accurate, impartial and up-to-date market valuation from a RICS Registered Valuer.

You may also need to calculate how much tax you owe based on the profit from your home’s sale (gains). If you want to lease your home, you should find out how much income you can expect to make.

At Novello, we can value your property without you even having to leave your country of residence (in many cases). While we’re at it, we can produce documents for your accountant to use to calculate your tax obligations accurately, which could prevent delays, legal disputes and more.

If you need a non-domicile valuation or want to learn more about the most convenient and high-value property services in London, call the experts at Novello.

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Why you need a tax valuation

The taxation laws that apply to non-domiciles with properties in the UK can be convoluted and confusing to interpret.

Sometimes, certain fees may not apply to you. Other times, you may be required to pay taxes to your current country of residence.

Our valuations remove the confusion from calculating tax obligations when selling or leasing a London-based property while living abroad. We’ll value your home, advise on any exemptions, and provide expert property advice. Most mportantly, we’ll provide you with the legal document you require to calculate your tax obligations.

Does capital gains tax apply to non-domiciles?

Before 2015, non-domiciles were not required to pay tax on the gains from the sale of their London properties, but that all changed following the April 2015 budget announcement.

Now, you may be subject to taxation on any income that goes through the UK, even if you transfer income from another country to a UK-based bank.

With regards to capital gains tax on properties, your tax bill will be based on:

  • The profit you make from the sale of your home (gains)
  • Your remittance basis
  • Your taxable income

The UK’s taxation laws are undeniably complex. Fortunately, due to our years of experience in surveying and valuing, producing non-domicile valuations is second nature for our professionals.

We’ll give you a comprehensive report to give your legal advisors and accountant, enabling you to make informed financial decisions.

What can I do with a non-domicile valuation?

  • Determine your home’s current market value

    Find out how much you should expect to make from the sale of your home with an impartial valuation.

  • Minimise your tax obligations

    It’s well worth finding out which tax exemptions and reliefs apply to you. They could help you save a small fortune.

  • Sell your London property from the comfort of your overseas home

    There’s usually no need for you to come back to the UK to finalise the paper-work and either sell or lease your property.

  • Prevent legal disputes

    Use you report to calculate your tax contributions with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring you’re never faced with financial or legal penalties.

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Obtain your non-domicile valuation from Novello’s experts today

At Novello, we prioritise convenience, value, accuracy and efficiency. We’re here to make the process of valuing your home and calculating tax obligations as straightforward as possible. Best of all, our fully mobile and modern services are available from just a few hundred pounds.

Find out how we can help you save time, money and a lot of hassle by chatting with us online or over the phone. We’re happy to provide free quotes.