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Drone Roof Surveys

When will I need a Drone Survey?

Roof surveys can be time-consuming and expensive. A drone roof survey carried out by Novello's RICS qualified surveyors will give you an accurate picture of the state of your roof in no time at all and potentially save you thousands on manual inspections. A roof survey by a drone can:

  • Check the roof of a property you're buying needs repairs
  • Get the information you need to make a successful claim on your home insurance for roof damage
  • Discover the actual state of your roof and any maintenance that may be required
  • Prove to your landlord or co-freeholders that the roof needs work with clear, high-resolution footage
  • Take images of areas that are normally hidden from view
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1Type of Survey:

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What can you survey with a Drone?

A drone roof inspection will provide a thorough insight into the state of your roof, including those difficult to reach areas. By using the latest drone technology, we can tell you:

  • The expected lifetime of your roof
  • The condition of your tiles
  • Suspected leaks or potential future problem areas
  • Any issues with roof sag

Drone roof surveys will also inspect other vital elements of your roof, including:

  • Chimneys
  • Parapets
  • Flat roofs
  • Guttering
  • Flashing

Roof Inspection via Drone

A drone roof inspection is the most effective and thorough way to see how your roof is faring. It will detail the extent of any damage, repair costs and cause of the problem, making it easier for you to claim on insurance, plan any repairs or renegotiate an asking price. And these aerial inspections can be carried out with minimum inconvenience, without the need for scaffolding or requiring people to work at height, making them safe and cost-effective too.

With a Novello drone roof survey, our RICS qualified surveyors will fly compact, lightweight drones right up to the areas that need inspecting and take real-time, ultra-clear 4K videos and high-resolution photos to show exactly what your roof looks like. This enables us to access narrow spaces and hard to reach areas that could be missed by a standard roof survey and, with 4x digital zoom, we can give you a more accurate report at a great price.

How Much Does a Drone Roof Survey Cost?

The cost of a drone roof survey will vary depending on the size of your house, the nature of the construction and how accessible it is. To find out how much your drone survey could cost, get an Quotation now.

Can I have a Drone Roof Survey in London?

Yes, although it must be carried out by a properly qualified professional who follows all the appropriate guidelines. At Novello, our aerial roof surveys are conducted by a Civil Aviation Authority certified and authorised drone operator who is also RICS qualified, giving you the best of both worlds.

man handling a measuring rod and surveying home

Roof Survey Data we Produce

With a Novello drone roof survey, you'll receive a comprehensive report that includes the in-depth data received during your aerial inspection. We'll explain the construction of your roof and highlight the state of critical aspects such as flashing, guttering, tiles, chimneys and more. Your report will include high-resolution videos and photos that will clearly illustrate any areas that require work and highlight anything that could potentially cause a problem in the future.:

Why have a Drone Roof Survey by RICS Qualified Surveyors

Just like with any survey, it's essential that the person who conducts your drone roof survey is knowledgeable, impartial and works to the high-quality standards expected of a RICS surveyor. During the drone roof survey, your RICS qualified surveyor will monitor the high-quality footage being captured by the drone and utilise their roofing knowledge to identify areas that require further investigation. They can also capture high-resolution videos and photos in real-time, navigating the drone to cover all areas of the roof and its associated parts to deliver a comprehensive report that identifies any problems in a fraction of the time of a traditional roof survey.

By opting for a RICS qualified drone roof surveyor, you'll also benefit from their insight and experience when it comes to an understanding the report and deciding on your next steps. Remember, at Novello; we're always here to guide and advise so that you make the best decision possible.

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Our drone roof surveyors are RICS-certified, completely independent experts and have years of experience under their belts. More importantly, we're passionate about what we do, which is to help the people in our local communities make informed property decisions.