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Bespoke Property Search and Acquisition Services

Finding and buying a dream home can be one of the most dauting and stressful things you will ever do.

As Chartered Surveyors, we’re in a unique position to guide you through the entire process from start to finish. We know the London and Surrey property markets like the back of our hands and have provided expert survey and valuation advice to thousands of families. That’s why we offer a bespoke handholding service to help clients find and acquire their dream home.

First, we take time to understand your property requirements, such as style, location and budget. Then, using our network of agents and industry experts, we thoroughly search the market and provide you with a shortlist of listings.

Our Chartered Surveyors will accompany you on viewings, enabling you to see the properties in person while we make an initial judgement with regards to its condition and asking price. Once you have identified your dream home, we’ll perform a comprehensive survey to highlight any defects and required repairs. And, we’ll handle the negotiations on your behalf to secure a fair price.

At Novello, we can liaise with estate agents, brokers and solicitors, ensuring the process goes as smoothly as possible. We’ll also handle the purchase to make the entire experience stress- and worry-free.

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Why the house buying process is dysfunctional

You spend your lunch breaks, evenings and weekends scrolling through Rightmove advert after advert shortlisting tens of properties. Then, you go on numerous viewings. It turns out those photos were flattering, and that fish-eye lens made the airing cupboard look like a spare bedroom and the ten-year-old kitchen look brand new.

Finally, you find your dream house, put your offer in, they counter, and you eventually agree on a figure that’s slightly higher than you expected but worth it for your dream home. You start planning where the furniture will go and imagine moving into your new home in a few weeks.

Only then do you have a survey.

If you’re lucky, your new home receives a clean bill of health. However, issues will more than likely be raised. The average Victorian home has around £10,000* of hidden defects and necessary repairs.

What next?

Let’s say your survey shows that the property needs a new roof and damp treatment totalling £40,000, so you go back to the seller and try to re-negotiate. They may offer a reduction, or they may stand firm on the price. Your mortgage valuer believes you’re overpaying by 10%. But hey, you love the property and you’ve invested so much time and emotion so far that you swallow it. It’s worth it, isn’t it? And there’s no other way – right?


This is not an uncommon story for house buyers. But we believe there’s a better way...

How we can help

The starting point is a free consultation with a Chartered Surveyor. We get to the bottom of what you’re looking for, whether it’s a home for life, a temporary stepping stone or an investment property. Then, we start searching. This is a collaborative process where we send you our suggestions and you send us yours, allowing us to narrow down options quickly.

Using our local knowledge and industry connections, we’ll guide you and help create an ‘informed shortlist’. As Chartered Surveyors, we will then accompany you on the viewings of the shortlisted properties and carry out an initial assessment before reducing the shortlist further, thus filtering any potential issues at the first stage.

At this point, before any formal offer is made, we will perform a full Building Survey and Valuation. Then, and only then, we’ll make an ‘informed formal offer’. You will know the defects and true market value of the property before making your initial offer.

We will then negotiate on your behalf to achieve a fair purchase price. Once an agreement is reached, the legal searches and finances are arranged.

We believe that by narrowing the pool, you could save thousands on wasted legal, survey and finance fees, not to mention personal hours and emotion toil. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a house only to find out it has hidden defects or is overvalued. And there’s nothing better than finding your dream home and knowing that it is a safe and sound investment.

The process is broken, but we are here to fix it for you!

Fees – that sounds expensive though?

Most search agents charge a fee of between 1 and 2.5% of the purchase price. This is fair but means that they have a vested interest in finding you a property as quickly as possible, irrespective of whether it’s the right price or has defects.

We charge a modest £500 retention fee for our initial search, and the first consultation is free. Viewings and accompanied viewings are charged at an hourly rate of £150. We try to streamline this process by narrowing the search to a few properties. Upon finding a property, we charge a reduced survey fee based on the value of the property. Once everything is completed, we charge a 0.1% fee.

For example: a £1m home requiring five hours of searching, viewing, surveying and negotiation would cost a total of £12,000, which is dwarfed by the potential £25,000 that most search agents charge for the same service. Moreover, we’ll prevent you from over-paying for a home that’s riddled with costly defects.

Learn more about our property search and acquisition service

Do you want to remove the hassle from finding and buying the perfect home in London? Call or chat online with our RICS Chartered Surveyors. We’ll gladly tell you more about the benefits of our bespoke property search and acquisition service.