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Lease Extension Calculator

map of london regions like West, South West, North West, North and East and Centeral london

Novello’s Lease Extension Calculator

Thinking of extending your lease? It’s often a good way to increase your leasehold flat’s value. Sometimes, extending your lease is a necessity, especially if you have less than 80 years remaining.

But how much should you expect to pay for your lease extension? And how do you find out whether now’s the right time to do it?

The easiest way to determine what’s best for your finances is to contact London’s property experts at Novello Chartered Surveyors.

Use our calculator to estimate how much it might cost to extend your lease. Find out whether it’s a good idea by calling one of our experts now.

Use our free lease extension calculator...

1Location of property:

The map shows the highlighted areas which class as 'Prime Central London'; this includes South West, West, Central, North West, North & East.

About our lease extension calculators

Our calculator takes factors into account such as the current market value of your property, the number of years remaining on your lease, your location, and your annual ground rent.

Not sure of your home’s value? Use the Zoopla Estimate tool or get in touch

Our online lease extension calculator estimates the premium for an extension on your flat. But should only be used as guidance.

Remember, you’ll be subject to pay a stamp duty if your extension exceeds the cost of £125,000. Our calculator is extremely useful, but should only be used to gain an insight into the potential cost of your extension.

The sale of similar-sized flats in nearby areas, sold with a similar short lease or long lease affects the outcome of our valuations and reports. Such local knowledge cannot be factored in to our online lease extension calculator. However, thanks to our in-depth industry knowledge of London’s property market, we’re perfectly positioned to produce legal reports that can provide countless benefits.

If you want to discuss our calculator or the result with a team of friendly, modern and approachable property experts, don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat, email or phone.