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[Freehold Purchase Calculator] Find out how much purchasing your freehold will cost online

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Freehold Purchase Calculator: Figuring out the Costs

Using our online freehold calculator, you can estimate the cost of collectively purchasing the freehold of your building with your fellow leaseholders. To use our calculator, you’ll need the following figures:

  • The current market value of the freehold building (the combined capital values of the flats)
  • Your location
  • Your annual ground rent
  • How many years you have left on your lease

Many other variables can affect the total cost of collective enfranchisement, such as the expected increase in your property’s value, the marriage value, interest rates and forecasted inflation. As such, our calculator uses default values for these variables.
You should only use our calculator to estimate the cost of buying freehold. It’s a good starting point, but you’ll need our experts to produce a detailed report before you start committing to long-term financial decision.

Use our free collective enfranchisement calculator...

1Location of property:

The map shows the highlighted areas which class as 'Prime Central London'; this includes South West, West, Central, North West, North & East.

Freehold calculator cost factors explained

The location and size of the freehold building play prominent roles in determining the cost of collective enfranchisement. But the number of flats in the building and participating leaseholders also affects the outcome, as does the average length of time remaining on each leaseholder’s lease and the potential increase in value of your building.

When determining the total cost of collective enfranchisement, you should bear the following in mind:

  • Marriage Value

    The value of your leasehold flat will likely rise after you purchase the freehold. Your freeholder is entitled to 50% of this increase in value on any leases with less than 80 years unexpired.

  • Compensation

    If you decide to collectively buy your freehold building, your landlord’s financial interests may take a hit. For example, if your freeholder’s other leaseholds lose value as a direct cause of collective enfranchisement, you’ll be liable to pay them some compensation.

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Should I buy my freehold or extend my lease?

Purchase the freehold in partnership with your fellow leaseholders, and you could increase the value of your flat dramatically. But that doesn’t mean collective enfranchisement is always the best option.

The potential benefits of collective enfranchisement include:

  • Secure a long-term place to live
  • Increase the value of your leasehold
  • Eliminate ground rent, service charges and landlord’s fees

You need to decide whether you’re better off extending your lease or buying your leasehold. Call us, and we’ll provide as much advice as you require.
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