Posted on: 9 Aug 2022 by Novello Team

You’ll find Myra in our Raynes Park office, working as our sales executive. Growing up Myra used to take part in street dance exhibitions; getting to and from the exhibitions and showing off her skills taught her a lot about being organised and taking up a challenge.

Professional Qualifications

Myra studied Business, IT and drama at sixth form.

What made Myra want to work in sales?

Myra says facing challenges at work is her favourite part of her work. She says sales brings plenty of challenges and satisfaction when she knows she has solved a difficult task.

Career Highlights

Myra began her career as a team leader and says she enjoyed helping team members improve their skills and grow in their roles.

Hobbies and Interests

Myra still likes to keep fit, so she goes to the gym when she has time and enjoys cooking at home.