Posted on: 6 Apr 2022 by James Brook, MRICS

Having just finished college and embarking on the world of work, Kate will be looking after administration and secretarial services, and supporting the Novello team.

Novello is a sociable place to work, and luckily having six siblings, including a twin, means Kate is used to dealing with lots of people. Kate has developed a soft spot for Ted, the office dog.

Kate is eager to gain new skills and build on her existing experience, and she’s enjoying the chance to get to know more about the world of surveying and the opportunities within it. Kate is particularly interested in learning about coding.

Professional Qualifications

Kate has recently completed an animal care course at Nescot College where she learned about all aspects of animal care and the welfare of a range of companion, exotic and farm animals.

Hobbies and Interests

When not at work, Kates’s interests include listening to music and going to gigs. She’s an avid reader, loves gaming, and even enjoys cleaning.

To relax, Kate enjoys spending time with her partner, socialising with friends and family, going to the pub, and will often be found at a festival in the summer.